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  • Attendance at all scheduled board meetings as called by the Board of Directors in addition to annual meeting.  Attendance at the annual meeting of owners.  Create agenda and keep permanent records of all meeting minutes.Enforcement of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions of the Association as directed by the Board of Directors.  Inform all members of the Association of such rules, regulations and notices as may be enacted or promulgated by the Association.  Shall take necessary action to enforce the rules, regulations and operative legal documents of the Association.  Violation inspections monthly to include photo to homeowner of violation.

  • Assist, if necessary, in the development of Rules and Regulations and procedures for the smooth operation of the Association.

  • Maintain a friendly yet business-like relationship with owners.  Respond in a timely manner to all requests presented by the ownership.  Forward necessary information to board and note owner file with details.

  • Provide all necessary transfer paperwork to title companies within the required time frame.

  • Coordinate with any sub-committees as needed including but not limited to architectural committee.  Manage all architectural requests from receipt to notifying homeowner of rendered decision.

  • Regularly inspect homeowner properties to ensure compliance with governing documents.  Provide homeowner with violation and photo with time frame to remedy violation.

  • Follow violation process as outlined by the governing documents and board to ensure fair and consistent inspections and processing

  • Provide monthly inspection report to board to review and advise further action if needed

  • Notify homeowners of monthly/quarterly dues by mailing billing notices at least 30 days in advance.   If requested, coupons will be sent in December of each year.

  • Account receivable efforts for all assessments and other charges levied by the Association. This is accomplished through the processing of payment checks sent to us or through ACH debits from those unit owners who request to utilize this service or utilize online payment processing.

  • Assist in preparation, recording and enforcement of any liens that may be necessary.

  • Initiate legal action as directed by the Board.

  • Remit payment for all bills and obligations incurred by the Association throughout the month to ensure all invoices are paid in a timely manner.  If the board so desires, provide checks with invoice to board for second signature or approval of treasurer prior to dispatch of funds.

  • Provide monthly statement of receipts and disbursements provided to the Board.  Current Month, Year-to-Date, Budget and Variance are several reports that can be provided.  Our accounting system enables us to provide a variety of flexible reports including:

  • Current Balance Sheet showing cash reserves and liabilities of the Association.

  • Itemized Statement of Cash Receipts and disbursements indicating detail of the monthly accounting.

  • Assist in filing necessary tax returns, and in the preparation of an annual budget.

  • Maintain up to date records on Association membership by coordinating with title agents and regular monitoring of legal ownership records.

  • Subject to approval of the Association, arrange for the contracting and supervision of outside vendors for all service, labor and materials necessary to properly maintain the grounds.

  • Establish contracts for utilities, pest extermination and other necessary services to maintain the grounds.

  • Supervision of all association maintenance.  Provide supervision of repairs to grounds and all other common areas including basketball courts, walls, lighting, parks and tot lots.

  • Subject to approval of the Association, arrange for the contracting and supervision of outside vendors for all service, labor and materials necessary to properly operate and maintain the Project.

  • Work with vendors to ensure expectations are detailed.  Ensure work is completed satisfactorily and resolve issues should they arise.

  • Provide 24-hour emergency services to the Association.

  • Ensure common area property taxes are paid and that the parcels are assessed correctly.

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